Why are you so slow to help the customers?

The state of California has put so much redundant paperwork in place that it takes about 1 ½ hours of paperwork for each gun purchase. The customer only sees about 20-40 minutes of the process. Starting with the 5-15 minutes for the 30 question FSC (Firearms Safety Card) Test, Click here for study guide. Click here for Info: https://oag.ca.gov/firearms/fscfaqs.

Next, the customer has to fill out the first half of the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms)  Federal 4473 Form, while one of our Gun World team members works on the State of California DROS (Dealer Record of Sale). This DROS is almost a

completely redundant form. The form contains all the info the customer filled out on the Federal 4473.

Then the salesman completes part two of the three-part 4473. We then have to go over the second form of ID requirement which is slightly different for the State of California and the Federal BATF. Meaning, we might need to collect 2 different residency documents from the customer.

We have to which type of California Drivers License or ID the customer has and explain that if they have a Federal Limits Apply ID, they have to bring in proof of citizenship like a Birth Certificate or Passport. Why?  Because the state of California gave Driver Licenses to Illegal non documented immigrants and put Federal Limits Apply on those ID's also, and we are required to prove the customer is in the USA legally.

Next up is the safe handling demonstration and affidavit. This can take 20 to 45 minutes depending on a host of variables. Such a whether our customer took the time to read these three links on our web site: HOW TO BUY YOUR FIRST GUNAMMO PURCHASING - DOJ FIREARMS FAQ, and none of this takes into account the time it takes to pick out a firearm.

Why does it take 15 minute to help some customers and 1 hour for others?

If a customer knows which firearm they want,  has their FSC card and can fill out the Federal 4473 form quickly. We can complete the transaction in about 15 minutes. Most customers are now first-time gun buyers. most do not have a FSC Card, they do not know which firearm they want, they do not know what ammunition they need. We take to tell them about the difference between FMJ and JHP ammo. They insist on buying ammo the day they pick their firearm out. They are un-familiar that many people will not pass the ammunition background check because they have not been put into the state database, They may not know there are three types of driver licenses in the USA. The pre real ID, Real ID, and Federal Limits Apply ID. So we take the time to explain that they are pre-approved for there first ammunition purchase when they pick the firearm up after the background/registration period.


Many have not brought in the correct documents that may be needed. For example the second form of ID like a car registration Each person will have different requirements. They will need a Passport, Passport Card, or a Birth Certificate if they have e federal limits apply  ID or drivers license.

When they take the thirty question FSC test it may take them 3 or 15 minutes depending on how quickly they take tests and whether need a translator.


The customer may not know anything about firearms. They may insist on picking out a lightweight short barrel aluminum/titanium framed revolver like a .38 Special Smith & Wesson J frame snub nose. How it will painful to shoot it. How they will not be able to hit the broadside of a barn with it. How it is only practical to shot and hit at arm's length.  We have to take the time to explain to them what a bad choice this is for a home defense firearm. Many will not follow are advice.


They shoot the gun once and come back for a different firearm. Often trading in the now used firearm at a substantial loss. The acquisition and intake of used firearms are laborious and redundant in paperwork. Just like all the other needlessly complicated and wasteful paperwork required to be filled out by the Federal and State entities. Computers have not been take advantage of to reduce the amount of duplicative paperwork. It has been the same workflow for over 25 years. Yes, they went from a stand-alone computer to using the internet to access the DROS (Dealer Record Of Sale) system. But it still a stand-alone system that does not integrate with the BATF.

The customer can get stuck on picking out a lockbox, how to secure a firearm from children, how to transport a firearm legally. It would be immoral and irresponsible for us not to take the time to explain these important details to our customers.

Unfortunately, some people feel they do not need to take time to learn about this potentially life and death topic. They in some instances rely on us for most if not all of the crucial information they need to know. We normally are more than happy to go through all of these detail. Unfortunately, we are going through a world crisis and as usual, most people did not prepare.

Pandemics are not normal times. It is time to develop more self-reliance. We do not know how the Police will be defunded or in some cases disbanded. Even pre-pandemic police where and are there to take reports after the crime has been committed. With the average response time e 8-15 minute or longe post-pandemic. No response during Civil unrest as we just witnessed in June throughout our country. We now more than ever have to rely on our selves for our own personal security and our family's security. It is time to read up on the rule and laws in the state of California on how to acquire a weapon Click Here, The laws governing the use of force as it pertains to self-defense Click Here, What we are allowed to buy Click Here and if and when we a can carry a firearm Click Here.

CRPA has a great report on the legal use of force for defense HERE

Do not forget to support the CRPA (California Rifle and Pistol Association) by joining them

and while you are at it Join the NRA and FPC

Which firearms should I buy?

We have an excellent starting place on how to buy your first gun Click Here.

In Short, a 4-4 1/2" BBL striker-fired handgun like a Glock, Smith & Wesson SD9VE, Springfield XD. There are many other good 9mm handgun but they are either more complicated to use, more expensive, or not legal in California to sell new. Learn what the DOJ Roster is Click Here and the DOJ list is Click Here.

The second firearm should be MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle) or a 12 GA or 20 GA Pump Shotgun.

The most common MSR is an AR-type rifle in 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem a Kalashnikov type rifle would also work. These a commonly referred to A Ak type rifle chambered in 7.62 X 39 MM.

The most common Pump Shotguns are The Mossberg 590/590A1 (the self-defense 500 was discontinued this year) and the Remington 870. There many other brands an example is Benelli

How do I buy Ammunition in California?

If you have not taken the delivery of a firearms since the year 2014 in the state of California it is going to be very difficult for you to buy ammo.

See how to buy ammunition in California Click Here

If you are in the state of California database as a firearms owner. You will need a "Real ID" and need to remember the address that you registered your firearm under. If your ID or CDL has "Federal Limit Apply" then you will need to bring in your Passport, Passport Card or Birth Certificate.


Can I get a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons Permit)?

A CCW permit (Concealed Carry Weapon) in Los Angeles is almost impossible to get. With that said there are some Law Suits in the beginning stages. The first step is to be turned down by the LAPD. Who knows maybe you will be one of the few that get one. Twenty-five (25) permits where issued in a year period last time we checked If you have been turned down by the LAPD come into Gun World Burbank and ask about a referral to the Law Suite. The legal team is looking for 100-200 people. The more we get the less it will cost each person

Have Not Applied? Start Here if you live in the City of Los Angeles. Also,

Also, Click Here

If your disgusted and sick of not being able to have some basic rights it time to let the Los Angeles mayor know what you think using the links below to contact him:

Mayor Eric Garcetti
City of Los Angeles

200 N. Spring St.,
Los Angeles, CA 90012+311

(213) 978-0600

Contact The Mayors Office Phone list

Do you have this specific gun in stock?

Chances are better than most stores. We have been building relationships with manufacturers and distributors for over 35 years.

For example, we received (90) 9mm Glocks on Thursday the 4th of June. We are receiving shipments of new firearms and log them into stock on a daily basis. Unfortunately, since it so hard to get an appointment to come in it's basically useless to find out if we have a particular gun in stock 3-5 days before your appointment. If for some reason we do not have what you want in stock we can take a $100 deposit and back order it for you, on normal stocking items. We still have thousands of gun in stock in are Multi-Million dollar firearms and ammunition inventory.