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How To Start Getting Into Competitive Shooting

You're on your phone or computer, digging through your Instagram feed or maybe your YouTube recommendations. You stumble upon videos of people running and gunning, shooting paper and steel targets. You're intrigued by the speed and accuracy of these individuals. You think to yourself "That looks so fun!” and “If they can do it, so can I!" Question is, how and where do I start? Is my gear and gun good enough to compete? What if I can't shoot as well as they can? Stop...before you talk yourself out of it, remember that we all have to start off somewhere.

Getting into competitive shooting really isn't as difficult as you might think! Even a beginner with minimal training can get into the sport. You don't need a fancy custom Glock from Taran Tactical, or a exotic Staccato 2011. Even the most basic of firearms is enough to enjoy the sport. It's not the gun that makes the shooter great, it's just an enhancement for what's already there. So first and foremost instead of spending money on a tuned firearm you should be buying more ammo and hitting the range to work on your shooting skills.

Visit your local shooting club and ask if they hold any competitions or know of any held in the area. Take lessons from private instructors who can help correct and guide you. I would highly recommend signing up on Practiscore powered by Federal. Read up on the equipment regulation and get yourself a reliable setup accordingly. Typically most matches can be shot with a basic retention holster and 3 or more magazine pouches with 3 or more magazines. Most matches in 2022 are reduced round count to help reduce your expenses. If you need help with picking out equipment take a visit to Gun World and we can help you get the right equipment for you to start.

This sport is filled with friendly shooters from all walks of life who are not afraid to give you advice when needed. Don't be afraid to get your feet wet, You won't know what you're capable of or how much you might enjoy this sport until you get out there and squeeze the trigger.


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