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Maybe they were your Dad's or Uncle's - and now they just collect dust because you don't know what to do with them or how to properly dispose of them. There are two ways to get handguns, rifles and shotguns LEGALLY out of your name, out of your custody, and fully registered to a new owner. 

If you can find someone to buy them, you could sell them via a Private Party Transfer. But this often means arranging a deal with strangers regarding cash and firearms. It might be a little scary. Conversely, Gun World, conveniently located in Burbank, close to Los Angeles and the greater L.A. region, is a professional and licensed dealer. No strangers to deal with - just a friendly and knowledgeable staff who can guide you through the process and pay you, on the spot, in CASH!

One gun or an estate sale - we do it all. And for larger collections, we can come to you! So whatever your reasons maybe you don't want guns in the house, maybe you need quick cash, or maybe you are getting out of the hobby and want to finance a new one - GUN WORLD in Burbank is here for you. Give us a call to arrange to come by with your unwanted firearms or to have us come out and look at your collection.


We do this too - and offer you top dollar in trade against our low-priced and massive inventory. Maybe you have one too many 9mm pistols and want a .45acp. Maybe you're a little long in rifles and want a good shotgun. Whatever the reason, trading is a great way to diversify or upgrade your collection. Just bring in the gun or guns you want to trade - and let's do some haggling!


If you aren't in a hurry for the cash, this is a good way to probably get a little more for your used firearms. We'll agree on a selling price, then put them on display here in our very popular and busy showroom. Once they sell, we'll deduct our commission (30%) and cut you an immediate check for the balance.

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